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Series 1: Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy

Series 2: Language in Light Series

Handsome Devils is now available on Amazon!

If you love historical fantasy fiction with a twist of gay romance, you’ll love Handsome Devils, the first book in The Language in Light series - a series designed to challenge your thinking and open you to new possibilities.

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Explore Dale Allen Rowse’s Inspiring Trilogy

Book one, Foreign to Me, is Jack’s story and him conquering himself.

Book two, Broken Like Me, is a love story where Jack finds a partner. Someone who gets him and understands his trauma and their evolution as a couple.

Book three, Made Ov Me, is the final chapter; the evolution. It’s Jack finding his personal power as a Shaman and how he comes to understand who he truly is to the world.

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Made Ov Me Book Cover by Dale Allen Rowse