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After experiencing great success in the world of Ballet, Broadway, and Business, Dale Allen-Rowse was diagnosed with Generalized Dystonia, causing a life shift from chasing money and fame to reconnecting with Source and his inner voice of knowing.

During the months of the pandemic lockdown, Dale wrote a trilogy of fiction books loosely based on his life. While writing, Dale discovered the world of shamanism and found his true purpose and calling on his new spiritual path.

Using his artistic, spiritual, and business experience and knowledge, Dale brings a unique set of skills to Life & Business Coaching that focuses on intuition, spirituality, and imagination to help his clients shift their perspective from being a victim to seeing their trauma as a portal to healing.

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Find the Calm and Power Within Ourselves

“To me, nothing is more important than restoring humanity to its vibration origins of our ancestors. The Native people lived with the land as their constant companions. We can do this, and we can heal the world by evolving past our version of right and someone else’s version of wrong.”